Simplicity. Transparency. Flexibility.

GRIDSMART® is a single-camera system for intersection actuation and automated traffic data collection. It comprises a Processor in the traffic cabinet, a fisheye camera, the GRIDSMART® Engine, and the GRIDSMART® Client.

We encourage you to explore all the menus, click all the buttons, and toggle all the options. Please feel free to try everything! If you are already familiar with GRIDSMART®, watch the images below to see What's New or check out the Changelog for a detailed description of the recent updates.

You can use GRIDSMART® without worry or concern. Everything you might do is easily undone and nothing you do will affect the operation of your site until you explicitly Publish your changes. Even then, you can easily revert a site to a previous configuration or even reset the GRIDSMART® Processor to its factory state using Reset To Factory. We've got you covered.

Designed for your job

The GRIDSMART® Client is designed to help you configure your sites, collect data, and generate reports quickly, easily, and accurately. You can also use the GRIDSMART® Client to replay recorded data such as video, calls, and phases to analyze system performance. With the Alerts Module, GRIDSMART® can even send you emails on events such as excessive volume, wrong way travel, or breakdown lane occupancy.

Using this guide

The navigation menu is available from everywhere and contains direct links to the main sections. The content of these sections should be self-explanatory from the titles, but please feel free to explore the different sections as you would like. If you are new to GRIDSMART®, we suggest you begin with Get Started.