Firmware Update Notice

DO NOT UNPLUG OR MANIPULATE THE SYSTEM DURING AN UPDATE. Updates for GS2 may often include firmware updates that put the system into a special programming mode. All front panel LEDs will go dark and the fan will operate loudly at its highest speed. This is expected. After roughly 30 seconds, the fan will return to normal speed. The phase LEDs will turn all red as the system exits the special programming mode and then all green when the update is complete. This information is repeated in the Update section of the Front Panel documentation.

6.7 (August 2017)

IMPORTANT GRIDSMART 6.7 is a critical bug fix update. Also, please check out our new documentation and support system that is coming online.

  • FIX: Resolves the loss of network settings issue. The Processor now examines the network adapter settings at startup and ensures the critical internal network is configured and working appropriately. With this fix, the Processor will self-repair issues where the network settings may be corrupted after an unplanned restart. The Processor will also reset the internal network to its designed settings in the event that a user inadvertently changes them. Note that this self-repair mechanism will trigger an extra restart.

  • FIX: Resolves a known issue that caused GS2 processors to sometimes repeatedly restart overnight, in the early morning hours, while attempting to apply carrier updates to the internal modem with limited or no connectivity.

  • FIX: Resolved a known issue where applying network settings fails when the Processor is not connected to the network being configured.

  • FIX: Resolves a known issue in which a Reset to Factory might fail to bring the Engine back online and cause the Processor to restart.

  • FIX: Resolves a known issue that would cause GS2 Processors without an internal modem to fail to record data and images to USB storage.

  • FIX: Resolves a known issue that could trigger spurious Flash (Loss of Green) alerts.

  • FIX: Resolves an issue in which the Processor triggers an errant IP Address alert caused by a failure to read the current IP Address.

  • FIX: The Client installer has been modified to prevent installation failures due to file permission issues.

6.6.1 (July 2017)

  • NEW: NTP Settings can now be applied from the Date/Time tab of Site Settings.

  • NEW: Canadian postal codes will (finally!) auto-fill latitude and longitude.

  • NEW: Client window size and location is now preserved between sessions.

  • FIX: Aggregate reports that span multiple, non-consecutive days now capture only the selected days.

  • FIX: Resolves issue introduced with 6.6 where the Client would not preserve the IP address of processors discovered automatically.

  • FIX: The phase dot on zones with permissive phases now display properly in accordance with there assigned protected and permissive phases.

6.6 (May 2017)

  • NEW: Network Switch settings can now be configured using the Client.

  • NEW: NTP is now supported. By default GRIDSMART uses This can be modified using VNC.

  • NEW: New data type! Arrivals and zone states are now available with the Performance module and can be used for the new web-based Purdue Coordination Diagrams. Note that this requires that the Processor communicate with

  • NEW: Added support for a new cell modem with improved North American coverage.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Count accuracy was improved in permissive-only zones.

  • IMPROVEMENT: GS2 Cabinet type can now be changed independent of the Option Card. This will allow you to recommission from one cabinet type to another without needing to Reset to Factory.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Allow more time for data uploads in areas with poor cell coverage.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Event data now records R, Y, and G for phases on TS2 and ITS cabinets.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved recovery from short duration power failures.

  • FIX: Fixed an isolated update bug that prevents the Server from starting.

  • FIX: System Event Alerts will now be sent using the modem even without the Performance+ module. This means that System Event Alerts are available even when the Processor is not on your network.

  • FIX: Reject attempted updates to previous versions, preventing inevitable update failure.

  • FIX: Resolved a problem that could cause empty data uploads to Cloud.

  • FIX: Resolved an issue where a traditional camera could switch into night mode at the wrong time.

6.5.1 (February 2017)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Zone badges now fade away when the mouse is no longer moving, providing a better view of what's in the zone.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Filtering is preserved when returning to the Site List from viewing a site.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Data downloads, imports, and reporting reliability have been improved by simplifying the background processes that work with data.

  • FIX: Time consuming and disruptive data migrations are no longer necessary. Users will no longer get stuck waiting on migrations to complete.

  • FIX: Reporting on a day on which an update with a data version change occurred will now report the complete day.

  • FIX: Fixed an issue causing Client updates to fail due to file permission issues.

  • FIX: Cloud Sync on Client machines with multiple users now effectively syncs sites that multiple users have in common.

  • FIX: Cloud Sync now captures thumbnails images when syncing to cloud.

  • FIX: Fixed a memory leak related to the way images were processed by the Client that would eventually cause Client to freeze.

6.5 (December 2016)

  • FIX: The 6.4 Client's Realtime Data panel is now backwards compatible again.

  • FIX: Resolved issue that prevented time sync from completing on processors syncing over a modem.

6.4 (November 2016)

  • NEW: Speed data and reporting. The new speed reports show speeds by phase or zone and by interval and/or green cycle.

  • NEW: GS2 Processors now report offline detectors on TS2 controllers per NEMA standard.

  • NEW: Connected Processors will now automatically adjust clock for time changes such as Daylight Savings Time changes or clock drift.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Name and Organization can be set when registering for GRIDSMART Cloud through the Client.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Site Search in the Client now also searches for matching Processor serial numbers.

  • IMPROVEMENT: GS2 Processors without properly installed Option Cards will not start at all and will show only a blinking red system status LED.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Further counting improvements. Specifically, improved separating counts for vehicles traveling together when viewed from the side and counting vehicles turning out of a zone on red.

  • FIX: The included firmware update resolves an issue where a GS2 Processor may, in very rare conditions, fail to startup or restart properly, indicated by no LED lights and high speed fan operation.

  • FIX: Resolved issues preventing Volume Exceeded and Flash Alerts from being sent.

  • FIX: Resolved issue that caused Realtime Data API endpoints to return empty data.

  • FIX: Resolved issue where setting the system time on a processor behind the current system time would cause the Server to delay certain events. This fixes a known issue where the Learning notification remains up in the Client even though the Engine is tracking.

  • FIX: Auto Reports set to end at midnight now run for the intended day instead of spilling over into the next day.

  • FIX: Resolved issue that was misclassifying some left turns as u-turns during all-approach congestion.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: With the continual addition of new features, in particular support for speed reporting on this release, we must migrate your existing site databases to a new format. In some cases, this new format may grow too large to preserve all of the data shown in the calendar of the Client Reports view. In such cases, we will preserve the most recent data up to capacity. The older data will still be on your Processor for reimport, and on your Client machine, just not visible or available for reporting. An upcoming iterative update to the Client will allow you to reimport this data for new and continued reports.

6.3.1 (July 2016)

  • NEW: Title Bar shows the name of the site being viewed

  • NEW: About Dialog shows revision of Client version and has a button for saving Client logs to a file

  • IMPROVEMENT: Time of Day labels in reports are more consistently spaced

  • FIX: Resolved issue where Client can't download counts from processors set with a Time Zone ahead of or on Greenwich Mean Time

  • FIX: Resolved issue on high resolution displays that caused certain Dialog boxes to appear in the wrong place

  • FIX: Resolved issue where the Client would report Unknown Error instead of Bad Password when the wrong password was used for processor authentication. This fix will allow you to re-enter the password.

  • FIX: Resolved issue where replay recorded on a 6.3 processor wouldn't play back.

6.3 (June 2016)

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: 6.3 includes a special firmware update for all GS2 Processors. Please see the Firmware Update Notice at the top of this page and/or the Update section in the Front Panel documentation for more information on how this will affect the update procedure.

  • NEW: Percent Arrival on Green and Percent Arrival on Red Reports

  • NEW: Zones and Masks can now be clicked and dragged

  • NEW: Cloud data download! When downloading data for reports, the Client will now check both the Processor and GRIDSMART Cloud for available data. Data will be stored in GRIDSMART Cloud for Legacy Processors where network access has been allowed and for GS2 Processors.

  • FIX: Reports with multiple sheets when exported to Excel now have proper sheet names and won't balk on opening

  • FIX: Resolved issue that could prevent Volume Exceeded Alerts from being sent

  • FIX: The Network IP Address is now visible in the Diagnostics Dialog again

  • FIX: "Add Contact" text box now clears when selecting a contact for Alerts or Auto Reports

  • FIX: Allow Network Access in Site Settings -> Network now works as intended. NOTE: In order for Legacy Processors to continue sending Alerts and Auto Reports in this version, "Allow Network Access" must be checked. This setting will default on for Legacy Processors.

  • FIX: Auto Reports can be sent over the Modem on any GS2 licensed for the Performance Plus Module.

  • IMPROVEMENT: The search functionality on the Client Sites Homepage will now search port numbers on matching IP Address.

  • IMPROVEMENTS: General improvements to performance data accuracy:

    • Larger vehicles could sometimes record more than one count, this has been mitigated.
    • Differentiating short-track u-turns from left turns as well as small-angle left turns from thru movements has been improved.
    • Right-turn only zones (for right-side driving) on dog-legs, where the flow vector is pointing towards the right-turn direction, are now better at identifying right-turns versus through movements.
    • Vehicles traveling together could sometimes be counted as a single vehicle; this has been improved.
    • Lane discrimination in the case of adjacent zones has been improved.
    • False counts from camera motion have been mitigated.
    • Improvements were made to the counting of vehicles turning out of a zone on red.

6.2 (March 2016)

  • FIX: Importing Counts and Performance data from synced USB sticks and saved folders works again.

  • NEW: Data syncing might take some time, so the GRIDSMART Notifications Icon in the Task Tray now shows the percentage of completed data sync.

  • NEW: Data upload opt-in allows GRIDSMART to use your network to send data and configuration information to GRIDSMART Secure Cloud Storage for off-site backup.

  • FIX: Resolved issue where Migration of count data might not occur when upgrading from Client version 5.3 or from any Client version prior to version 5.0.

  • FIX: Resolved issue where you could download the first few hours of count data after a system was set up but it wouldn't be available for reporting.

  • FIX: Resolved issue where downloading counts right after publishing might make them unavailable for reporting or break some reports for that time frame.

  • FIX: The Client can now publish to version 4 sites again.

  • FIX: Prevent Latitude and Longitude from becoming unpublished after opening and closing location settings without making changes.

  • FIX: Resolved issue on GS2 where modem connection might not automatically disconnect.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Mitigated false calls in permissive zones at night in cases where headlights might have disappeared because of occlusions.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved counting and classification of vehicles passing under occlusions, particularly if the occlusion is in the center of the fisheye field-of-view, such as often occurs in highway applications.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Minor improvements to detection and counting.

6.1 (January 2016)

  • NEW: Support for the GS2 Processor.

  • FIX: Software version info is now returned in the response to /api/diagnosticdata.

  • FIX: Resolved a rare site history bug that would halt data migration to version 6.x.

  • FIX: Remedied SCATS bug that could prevent pulses from being sent properly.

  • CHANGE: Removed logs view from the Server diagnostics window.

  • CHANGE: The SCATS option is now available on all TS1 systems and no longer requires a Counts or Performance Module license.

Client 6.0.2 (November 2015)

  • NEW: The Client will now tell you if a connected Processor requires a newer Client and will give you the option to download the updated Client directly from the Processor.

  • NEW: The Diagnostics panel now offers a Download Logs button for quick access to Firmware logs.

  • CHANGE: Moved the IP address to the Site Info panel. It was previously in the Diagnostics window and therefore only visible when actually connected.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Green and Red Occupancy reports now show cumulatave phase and occupancy time for the selected time interval instead of the average.

  • FIX: Fixed issue where Green and Red Occupancy reports did not display data for phase 3.

  • FIX: Fixed issue where Red Occupancy report only showed occupancy during the first 5 seconds of red.

Client 6.0.1 (October 2015)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning with Client 6.0.1 we may sometimes offer Client updates independently from complete Firmware updates. This will allow us to deliver Client-only fixes and improvements more rapidly. With such Client-only releases, there is no requirement or urgent need to update the Client on your Processors.

Please note that the Update Stick available through the Support downloads will always contain the previous major revision of the Client, 6.0 in this case for example. You can, however, download and install Client 6.0.1 independently onto a Processor if so desired.

  • FIX: Resolve problem in the Reports interface where it could take a very long time (several minutes or more) to show available dates for downloading data.

  • FIX: Dramatically improved performance of count-based reports that were previously taking inordinately long to generate when you have more than several months of available data. When first accessing the Reports interface for one of these Sites, a one-time, one to two minute delay may occur while the database is manipulated to improve performance.

  • FIX: Fixed issue where Client would fail to connect to any Processor set to use custom port 8901.

  • FIX: Resolved bug that would disable Reports access if you have a Processor that was licensed for Counts prior to v4.0 (October 2012).

  • NEW: Clicking on the GRIDSMART title on the Sites Homepage will show an About dialog indicating the full version info of the Client.

6.0 (September 2015)

  • NEW: The new Performance Module replaces the Counts and Realtime Data Modules. The Performance Module enables historical reporting on performance-related data that was previously only available for the last hour through the Realtime Data API.
  • NEW: New report types are available with the Performance Module, with more types to come in iterative releases. These new report types currently include multi-day aggregation, by sum or average, on volume and turning movement reports, as well as red and green occupancy.
  • NEW: The Sites Homepage now offers a lightweight view that collapses Site Cards to just text and network reachability status. This view can significantly improve Client performance on the Sites Homepage for customers with fast connections to dozens of sites.
  • NEW: The Client will now let you know when there is an update available on GRIDSMART Cloud with a notification and an Update button on the Sites Homepage.
  • NEW: For customers with the Performance Module (or Realtime Data Module, which will be automatically upgraded), you can now pull historical performance data from the API, including phase transitions and phase-associated realtime data such as minute-by-minute occupancy, etc.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Adding a module license to a system has been significantly streamlined. Laptop and Publish no longer required. Now all you need to do is put the license file(s) at the root level of a USB stick and insert that stick into the Processor(s).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Streamlined the UI so that you can see more image and less interface until you need it.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a 5 minute reporting interval so you can generate more fine-grained reports on your data.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Engine counting and detection accuracy for advance-detection, traditional cameras has been improved in cases where the camera might be shaking from wind.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Engine loss-of-visibility detection algorithms have been improved, significantly reducing the false alarm rate while simultaneously increasing the detection rate.
  • FIX: Fixed bug introduced in 5.4 that caused malformed data to be returned by the realtime data API.
  • FIX: Fixed bug, related to measuring the time between images for infrared cameras, that could decrease detection and counting accuracy.
  • CHANGE: The new Performance Plus Module, which includes all the functionality of the Performance Module, supersedes the previous Alerts Module. With Performance Plus, the system can email you when certain events occur or conditions are met.
  • CHANGE: Count data storage and retrieval architecture on the Client has been changed to improve reporting flexibility for future releases. Your existing count data will be migrated in the background. The data migration status is available in a new tray icon.
  • CHANGE: The Realtime Data module will be automatically upgraded to the Performance Module. The Counts Module will continue to work as always, but will not be able to use the new report types.
  • CHANGE: Removed support for viewing version 3.x sites from the Client. You can still download the 3.3.1 Client from GRIDSMART Cloud if you need it.
  • CHANGE: The count file format and how those files are returned via the API have changed. Please review the API documentation before upgrading your Processors to 6.0 or later if you have applications or integrations that rely on the previous count file format or API returns.

5.4 (July 2015)

  • FIX: Fixed issue where certain API endpoints could fail after an upgrade or restart. This resolves the problem where the Client might show live images, but not display phases and calls.
  • FIX: Fixed Client issue that prevented zone turn type changes from being published.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where temporary count files, used for download via the API, were not being deleted. This could result in early depletion of Processor onboard storage.
  • FIX: Image snapshots are now consistently included in AGS files that are synchronized with GRIDSMART Cloud.

5.3 (April 2015)

  • FIX: Fixed issue with updater that could reset zone delays to 0 when a system was updated to 5.2. The 5.3 updater will restore those delays on the Processor if they have not been subsequently edited and published.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved layout and information display of Alerts and Auto Reports during both setup and review
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added serial number to Info panel
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added progress indicator when using Get Counts from a connected site
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added Cloud icon decorations to help indicate Cloud log in status.
  • FIX: Fixed mislabeled Done button for Auto Report creation
  • FIX: Resolved issue where Phases & Calls button would sometimes not become enabled on a connected site
  • FIX: Fixed issue where phase dots on zones could sometimes be inconsistently sized
  • FIX: Resolved issue where large USB drives that already contained lots of data would sometimes fail to be recognized for data sync and image recording
  • FIX: Removed out-dated Aldis logo from reports
  • FIX: Resolved issue where an image sensor problem could be incorrectly detected during the transition to nighttime operation for an advance camera

5.2 (March 2015)

  • NEW: System Alerts are now available to all online systems, even without the Alerts Module. (Transparency.)
  • NEW: A new Flash Alert is available as part of the Alerts Module. An email is sent when it is suspected that an intersection is in flash.
  • NEW: The Phases display has been changed to Phases & Calls and shows light states as well as output states.
  • NEW: Extension, the dual of Delay, is now a Zone option.
  • NEW: Both Extension and Delay support 10ths of seconds rather than just whole seconds.
  • NEW: The new Phases & Calls display can now be shown during Replay.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The process for setting up recipients for Alerts and Auto Reports is now significantly streamlined, reducing what previously required 18 clicks to just 5 clicks.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Zone call delays do not occur on green.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The Client onboard the Processor no longer seeks to auto-discover other Processors on it's local network, improving performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The post-update reboot procedure has been improved to reduce risk of hard disk corruption.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Advanced (traditional zoom) camera algorithms adjusted to improve Zone activation and resilience to camera shake.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved counting of vehicles at night in cases where the vehicles were observed in the Zone only very briefly.
  • FIX: Multiple users on a single Windows computer may now use the GridSmart Client. This issue prevented the Client from working correctly for any user account other than the first to run the Client.
  • FIX: Fixed bug that was causing underestimated lengths for many vehicles, especially right turns. This caused a high number of false counts of motorcycle-like vehicles.
  • FIX: Corrected an issue that was causing many right turns on red to not be counted.
  • FIX: Resolved an issue in the Client where the image would sometimes disappear (show all black) while zones and phases were still visible.
  • FIX: A Zone can now be returned to the Unassigned approach after being assigned to one of the four cardinal approaches.
  • FIX: Resolved issue where system would reboot more than once during safe-reboot time (3:30am-4:30am) while trying to recover a lost camera.
  • FIX: Resolved issue that could sometimes misidentify night images from advanced cameras as images from a failed image sensor causing inadvertent false calls.
  • FIX: Fixed minor bug involving headlight shape analysis that may, under very rare circumstances, cause short false alarms or delayed calls.
  • FIX: Fixed bug where a corrupt image during day operation could, under very rare circumstances, trigger failures in salient point detection and tracking thereby resulting in missed calls.
  • FIX: Resolved issue where some count files could be corrupted during a planned system reboot (safe Engine shutdown).
  • CHANGE: GridSmart Client will no longer be able to connect to Processors running firmware versions newer than that of the Client, i.e., the v5.1 Client will not connect to a v5.2 Processor.
  • CHANGE: Temperature and voltages displayed in the Diagnostics panel are now only updated about every 30 seconds.

5.1 (August 2014)

  • NEW: Search bar replaces connect bar, can now be used to efficiently search your sites by street, city, state, postal code, and IP address.
  • NEW: Max Recall is now a per-zone option rather than a site option. This improves configuration flexibility, allowing side streets to be min recall and mains to be max recall.
  • NEW: Visibility detection can be enabled/disabled on a per-zone basis. This allows users to disable visibility detection on problematic zones that might false alarm from an inadvertent detection of loss of visibility.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Client launch time reduced by as much as 60%.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Connecting to single site is as much as 30% faster.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Minor improvements made to counting algorithms.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved fail-safes for detecting rare image sensor anomalies.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where vehicles temporarily hidden by fixed occlusions such as mast arms could register false u-turn counts.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where multiple day auto-reports would only cause single day auto-reports.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where zone data could be split in reports between published revisions.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where pedestrian zones would not work correctly on initial publish if they were being added to an existing published configuration.

5.0 (April 2014)

  • NEW: Alerts Module. With this module, your sites can email you on events such as Publish, Volume Exceeded, or Zone Activation.
  • NEW: Auto Reports. With this new functionality in the Counts Module, your sites can automatically email reports to you on a schedule.
  • NEW: GRIDSMART® Cloud. Cloud integration will keep all of your sites securely backed up and synchronized across different Client computers.
  • NEW: Auto-discovery. The Client will automatically discover and add to your Sites Homepage any sites on the same network as the Client.
  • NEW: Added a Volume report type to the Counts Module.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed order of turns in Reports to RTLU.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added volume to the Realtime Data display.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added clear instructions to Password settings and removed Password from Setup Wizard to reduce confusion at initial install.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved styling of reports.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved camera exposure adjustments during times of rapid illumination changes.
  • CHANGE: The Counts Module now includes the Realtime Data Module functionality.
  • CHANGE: Removed Image Quality toggle from Display Options. Best quality is always used now.
  • CHANGE: Removed Control Mode (Full or Watch) option from Settings. GridSmart® always works in Full Control mode.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Excel-export of turning movement reports.
  • FIX: Resolved issue where images recorded onto USB sticks would not work with Replay.
  • FIX: Resolved issue where, in some cases, slow moving vehicles entering a very distant zone (relative to camera height) would cause zone to activate and deactivate before staying active.

4.7 (January 2014)

  • FIX: Update firmware to version appropriate for internal hardware components. On completion, the front panel at startup will indicate the firmware version with either Build Mar 06 2012 or NB FW 12/02/13 dependent upon what the update process determines to be appropriate for the hardware. Both versions are fully functional and equivalent but are targeted for different internal hardware components in the Processor. This update addresses compatibility issues with certain TS2 cabinets.

4.6 (December 2013)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added Chinese and Portuguese language support.
  • FIX: Address compatibility issue with older IO boards.

4.5 (October 2013)

  • FIX: Fixed issue where images might not be logged to new drives after disconnecting a completely full USB drive.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where some new camera firmware was artificially increasing image sharpness resulting in degraded image quality.

4.4 (September 2013)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced image streaming memory usage in Client by 50%.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Realtime Data returned by API (not Client) now includes exits and turns.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Realtime Data API now reports percent arrivals on green. ArrivalsOnGreen is now an integer between 0-100 representing the percent arrivals on green. Arrivals returned by the Realtime Data API now reports -1 to indicate it is deprecated as it has been replaced by exits, turns, and percent arrivals on green. These changes are also reflected in the Realtime Data display in the Client.
  • FIX: Fixed issue that could result in counts for one zone being recorded for another zone after a Publish that added and deleted the same number of zones.
  • FIX: Fixed date/time issues with Client-Processor interaction when Client is run on a computer whose date/time settings are other than U.S. English.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where partial day count data would not be overwritten with complete day count data on USB sync resulting in incomplete counts for some days on the Client machine.
  • FIX: Fixed issue that could result in a zone being placed into recall for an hour or more just after sunrise if that zone had experienced a loss of visibility from artificial light sources.

4.3 (June 2013)

  • FIX: Prevent potential camera imager issue that could arise in some camera hardware when the camera was powered off and back within 10 seconds.
  • FIX: Fixed issue in Client that could result in a malformed configuration file being Published, thereby causing the Engine to constantly restart. This issue would occur if the user started a new zone or mask and then closed the Client before drawing any points. If the user re-opened the Client and Published, an empty zone would be written to the Site Configuration that would prevent the Engine from running.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where a normal Engine restart cycle could cause a Windows error dialog to appear and lead to repeated Engine restarts.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where outputs during failsafe operation would regularly be turned off for a moment.
  • CHANGE: In Watch mode, the system will activate outputs for a few moments on restart and during failsafe operation. (Important note: Watch Mode will be removed in GRIDSMART® 5.0.)

4.2 (May 2013)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Processor firmware version now periodically shown on front panel.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Processor network (public) IP address now periodically shown on front panel.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Made so that phases are read from TS1 in event they are not available over TS2 to work better with hybrid cabinets.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed Replay controller layout so that the stop button is less prone to being pressed accidentally.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved turning movement accuracy.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved counting accuracy.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added code to detect and correct, via camera reboot, a rare camera imaging issue.
  • FIX: Fixed issue that could sometimes prevent a Processor from being updated.
  • FIX: Fixed issue that could cause Engine to restart on Publish when zones in traditional (rectilinear) cameras were modified.
  • FIX: Fixed bug that prevented Replay from allowing the use of data from other than a standard logging drive.
  • FIX: Fixed problem in Client that could sometimes lead to the Client becoming unresponsive.
  • FIX: Fixed issue in Client where double-clicking a zone to enter Edit Mode would show the zone without its points.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in password storage that could prevent non-default passwords from being accepted.
  • FIX: Fixed issue that could cause Server to use excess Processor when handling API requests.

4.1.1 (Mar 2013)

  • FIX: Fixed issue that prevented Client from connecting to Processors over non-default ports.
  • FIX: Fixed issue that could prevent count folders syncing over USB if Processor had a large number of count files and folders from versions before GRIDSMART® 3.0.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where report data for a day could be incomplete if any of the count files being parsed for that day had corrupted count entries.

4.1 (Feb 2013)

  • NEW: Display options for zone fill and image quality.
  • NEW: Realtime Data Module. Minute-by-minute data available throught GRIDSMART® Client and API.
  • NEW: Pedestrian Module. Detects pedestrians moving through pedestrian zone.
  • NEW: Remote count data retrieval through GRIDSMART® Client and API.
  • NEW: Export with counts so users can exchange sites with included data.
  • NEW: New site banner to help users know what site they have just imported or connected to.
  • NEW: Improved licensing of modules including support for time-limited licensing.

4.0.1 and v3.3.1 (Nov 2012)

  • FIX: Fixed issue where some cameras had gain and exposure limits set in manufacturing. This could prevent the Engine from entering night mode and adversely impact detection and tracking at night.

4.0 (Oct 2012)

  • NEW: GridSmart API.
  • NEW: Support for RL and IR cameras.
  • NEW: Sites Homepage with grid array and site status indicators.
  • NEW: Site Info panel.
  • NEW: Site Configuration Screen.
  • NEW: Site Settings panel collects all settings into one location.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Client is faster and more responsive.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Front panel display reports camera status and count licensing every 30 seconds.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Engine no longer needs to restart on cabinet type changes (TS1 to TS2) or on BIU changes.
  • IMPORTANT NOTES: Processors must be upgraded to v3.2 or later in order to be upgraded to v4.0. GridSmart Client v4 installer requires Microsoft .NET 4 or later which is no longer included in the installer as it was in v3.x.

3.3 (Aug 2012)

  • NEW: Web access to camera and quad-view images.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Client that would cause Reports to be generated against the first configuration of a day regardless of subsequent configurations published on the same day.
  • FIX: Fixed Engine bug that could cause outputs in SCATS mode to become stuck on until a restart.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to improve camera control when scene brightness increases rapidly.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to improve accuracy of volume and turning movement counts.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to increase image contrast and detection in zones that are heavily shadowed.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to improve fog detection.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Fractional seconds and day/night indicator added to each row in raw count files.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Made so that, in SCATS mode, fast vehicles that exit a zone, but are never observed in that zone, will now generate a count file entry in addition to the output pulse they were already generating.

3.2 (May 2012)

  • FIX: Fixed bug that would cause Reports to be generated against the Factory Default configuration (i.e., no zones or approaches) for data recorded before the most recent publish.
  • FIX: Fixed bug that could cause Client to crash when user selected folder for Replay that was missing a stopbar_log.dat file.
  • FIX: Fixed bug that would cause Replay images to get out of sync when replaying data from two cameras.
  • FIX: Fixed bug where site thumbnail image would not be shown on Sites Homepage immediately after import.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Replay for a full drive is now significantly more responsive in most cases or provides user feedback when undertaking a lengthy operation.

3.2 (Apr 2012)

  • NEW: Replay functionality. Playback recorded data to see the intersection, the calls made, and the phase states.
  • NEW: Diagnostic display window to report data of interest including temperature, voltages, and versions of firmware and software.
  • NEW: Phases display to show all phase states.
  • NEW: Recommission. Reconfigure a factory box into a known site in one step, allowing easy recovery for a hardware failure. Never have to reconfigure an entire intersection.
  • NEW: Capability to remotely make and/or clear calls on zones through the Client. This could be useful in incident scenarios where users might want to manually change zone activations remotely.
  • NEW: New GridSmart Reports features including: (a) user-defined bin lengths for length-based classification; (b) turning movement count reports on industry-standard diagrams; (c) incident reports for exits on red and illegal turning movements; and (d) raw data export.
  • NEW: HTML User Manual included with and linked from Client.
  • NEW: Self-verifying Update Stick. Update process will verify integrity of files before running to mitigate issues with corrupt Update Sticks.
  • NEW: Engine DOS window (black with white text) no longer visible on Processor (or VNC) to prevent users from killing Engine unexpectedly.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Session-based authentication. You will no longer need to enter your password on every change.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Service window (white with black text) on Processor now requires confirmation to close to prevent users from killing Service (and Engine) unexpectedly

3.1 (Mar 2012)

  • FIX: Fixed Client bug that could result in crash on switching in/out of Drawing Mode (and other places where flattened image was being used).
  • FIX: Fixed Client bug related to Site List Homepage showing connection tools even when connected to local box.
  • FIX: Fixed Client bug fix related to connecting and disconnecting from a site.
  • FIX: Fixed Client bug where Reports functionality (chart icon) could become disabled.

3.1 (Feb 2012)

  • FIX: Fixed Engine bug that could have resulted in false calls from visibility detectors (fog and/or reflection).
  • FIX: Changed firmware to handle Canadian fast-flash signals.
  • FIX: Fixed updater issue that could prevent firmware from being updated.

3.1 (Jan 2012)

  • FIX: Fixed Engine bug that could have resulted in unexpected Engine restart on publish.
  • FIX: Fixed Client bugs related to setting zone approach, missing zone labels, and count data import.
  • FIX: Changed Engine to handle camera dropouts more gracefully.

3.1 (Dec 2011)

  • NEW: Length-based classification.
  • NEW: Support for new camera hardware.
  • NEW: New reporting features including turning movement diagrams and user-defined length bins.
  • NEW: Automatic sync-to-USB of count data.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved Engine computational efficiency.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved Client responsiveness.