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Design and Installation Guides

    The simple GRIDSMART Intersection Design Guide provides best practices to configure intersection installations, including camera locations, mounting hardware options and detection zone plans.
    The GRIDSMART Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions for hands-on installation at the intersection. Topics include installing cameras, processors, junction boxes, wiring and mounting hardware.
    To extend camera distance over 100 meters an in-line repeater is neccessary. Click here to download the installation instructions.
    GRIDSMART Cameras MUST have an earth ground. Click here to download the grounding specifications.
    The GRIDSMART Site Survey form will help planners define the components required and correct camera placement to ensure a successful GRIDSMART deployment.
    The GRIDSMART Site Audit Checklist will aid installers in completing the necessary steps and ensure consistent and complete GRIDSMART installations.
    The GRIDSMART Client is designed to help you configure your sites, collect data, and generate reports quickly, easily, and accurately. Download the Software Manual or check out the online User Guide.
    The SMCH Wiring Guide demonstrates the correct wiring patterns for both versions of the SMCH Junction Box.

Video Guides